For Recreational Vehicles

  • Place a bucket of water in your unit’s shower, sink, and/or floor. It will humidify wood cabinetry and flooring, protecting against cracking. It is also helps glues used with interior wall coverings to remain intact, guarding against peeling and breakaway.
  • Water levels in all batteries should be checked regularly, especially in the hot summer climate. Also, batteries should be fully charged every six weeks. Consult your mechanic on how this should be done for your vehicle.
  • It is also recommended to use a 12 gauge extension cord when using a charger on your RV unit.. a lighter one could cause damage to your electrical system.
  • Each tire loses approximately 1 pound of air pressure per month on a normal basis. Filling tires with Nitrogen helps protect against this. It is best to check your tires before a trip.