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Making the Best Use of Your Space

Plan ahead.        Pack your frequently used items last and keep at the front of your unit where you can get at them easily. Map it.     As you move into your storage space, make a simple drawing that shows where items are placed. Cover up.      Protect your furniture, including mattresses, box springs, […]

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For Recreational Vehicles

Place a bucket of water in your unit’s shower, sink, and/or floor. It will humidify wood cabinetry and flooring, protecting against cracking. It is also helps glues used with interior wall coverings to remain intact, guarding against peeling and breakaway. Water levels in all batteries should be checked regularly, especially in the hot summer climate. Also, batteries should […]

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For Boats and Cars

Measure– length and width, including the mirrors (do they fold in?) A 10’ wide unit’s door opening measures approximately 8’8” wide – 8’7” high a 12’ wide unit’s door opening measures approximately 10’8” wide – 8’7” high

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